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Welcome to my Portfolio!


My name is Laura Lee. I recently graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Prescott, AZ Campus) with a Bachelor of Science in Astronomy and a minor in Mathematics. I am currently seeking employment in the Astronomy field as well as any research opportunities that would allow me to continue my studies and receive a Graduate-level education.


My primary point of interest within the field of Astronomy is in Planetary Science, concentrating in exoplanets, their atmospheres, and their habitability. However, in my senior year, my focus was in the field of binary solar masses. I conducted research and analysis of spectra in order to determine the radial velocities of two stars (WR-33). I completed this alongside Dr. Noel Richardson (Professor of Astronomy), and our work was published in The Astrophysical Journal (APJ) Letters, which you can read about here.


So, why exoplanets? I believe there is an infinite amount of knowledge that can be unlocked through the study of exoplanets. The fact that our planet is a rarity that sustains conscious life is fascinating and I would love to learn more about the numerous planets outside our solar system. Pertaining to exoplanets, the main focus of research I would love to take part in is on the planets’ atmospheres. I find this topic to be stimulating, and the obvious next step in uncovering the secrets to the universe.

Read about my summer internship at Space Center Houston
Manned Space Flight Education Foundation
at Space Center Houston
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